Modern networks and data centers must deliver agility and operate cost-effectively. They require stability and "always-on” availability only achieved through robust architecture. Unimpeded visibility is needed across every part of the network and data center in order to deliver the security organizations demand.

Automation is a necessity to ensure both the precision and ease required to provision and manage such networks. Finally, today’s networks and data centers must allow for nearly frictionless scale and uncompromising performance to support service availability.

Meanwhile, in the US, more than half of all Internet traffic will rely on IPv6 in less than a year. Yet, many IT networking professionals are still uncertain how IPv6 will play a critical role in delivering the modern network and data center described above.

In this webinar, Tom Coffeen (O’Reilly author of “IPv6 Address Planning” and Infoblox Distinguished Architect and IPv6 Evangelist) will focus on the specific role that IPv6 and DNS play in meeting the requirements and enabling organizations to deliver secure and reliable network performance at scale.

Here are a few of the topics/questions that Tom will cover:

  • The reliance on IPv6 in current hyper-scale networks: How and why IPv6 and DNS is revolutionizing data center provisioning
  • Best practices and considerations when deploying IPv6 and DNS to scale and manage your networks and data centers
  • What to consider when securing IPv6 and your DNS infrastructure

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