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Food for Thought: 7 Myths about Network Management in a Digital World

Think You Know What Your Network Is Up Against? Think Again.

In today’s digitally driven, cloud-connected, nonstop world, your network is more important than ever. It’s the central nervous system your business relies on to drive innovation, ensure customer satisfaction, enable market expansion, and fuel revenue growth.

But how well do you understand the challenges your network is up against in a fast-changing landscape of soaring customer expectations, massive device proliferation, increased virtualization, cloud migration, the Internet of Things and pervasive threats?

These days, you can’t afford to accept network management myths at face value. In our latest ebook, you’ll learn to challenge conventional thinking about your network as you discover:

  • How your data center tools slow application deployments and what to do about it.
  • Why “shadow IT” is here to stay and how to use it to your advantage.
  • Why manual compliances processes are not a given and how they put you at risk.
  • Why DNS security isn’t on your radar, and why it should be.
  • Whether it’s safe to deploy IoT solutions today. The answer may surprise you.
  • Why your security teams can’t prioritize and remediate threats effectively.
  • Why you lack a comprehensive view of new devices and how to get it, automatically.

It's no myth that your network drives your business strategy today. Learn how Actionable Network Intelligence helps your business excel by putting the data inside your network to work for you to uniquely enhance network availability, agility, security, and performance—on premises, across data centers, and in the cloud



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