ActiveTrust Cloud protects devices everywhere—whether they are on your premises, roaming, or in remote or branch offices. It provides visibility into infected devices, automatically stops device communications with command-and-control (C&C) servers and botnets, and prevents DNS-based data exfiltration.

Delivered as a service, it is operationally easy to use, deploy, and maintain, reducing IT overhead.

Sign up to get access to the 30-day full-feature evaluation. You get:

  • DNS Firewall: Comprehensive malware protection including C&C callbacks, phishing, exploit kits, ransomware, and more
  • Threat Insight: Prevention of data exfiltration that other systems can’t detect; DGA and fast flux detection
  • Threat Intelligence: Curated and most up-to date threat intelligence
  • Dossier: A threat-investigation tool for fast analysis to take action in minutes, not hours
  • Integrated and detailed reporting: Rich context on infected devices and user activity
  • Hosted recursive DNS services: Highly available anytime, anywhere access
  • Lightweight Endpoint Client: Protect roaming devices by redirecting DNS requests from endpoints to Infoblox cloud
  • DNS Forwarding Proxy: agentless option with a virtual appliance that embeds client IP into DNS queries before forwarding to Infoblox cloud

After you try the full-feature evaluation and decide to purchase, you can choose from two tiers - ActiveTrust Cloud Standard and ActiveTrust Cloud Plus.

ActiveTrust® Cloud Standard ActiveTrust® Cloud Plus
Hosted Recursive DNS with
Geo-Location Response
Included Included
DNS Firewall (RPZ Zone) Standard (4 reputation datasets)
  • Base
  • Anti-malware
  • Ransomware
  • Bogon
  • Automated Indicator Sharing (AIS) data

Standard (4) + Advanced(5) + SURBL(2)

  • Base, Anti-malware, Ransomware, Bogon, AIS
  • Malware IPs, Bots IPs, Exploit Kit IPs, Malware DGA hostnames, Tor Exit Node IPs
  • SURBL Multi domains, SURBL Fresh domains
Dossier (Threat Investigation Tool) Not included (Basic threat lookup via Cloud Services Portal only) 32,000 queries/year
Threat Insight (DNS Tunneling/Data Exfiltration, Fast flux) Not Included Included
Reporting Basic
  • Integrated reporting with on-premises Grid, enabled by virtual Data Connector utility
  • Enhanced visibility with drill-down reports to identify exact user and device
ActiveTrust Endpoint (client agent) Included Included
DNS Forwarding Proxy Included Included

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