No matter how many next-generation firewalls, intrusion detection, end-point security or other similar platforms an enterprise has deployed, their effect can be muted during investigation and remediation phases if the network cannot be accurately described. To accurately describe the network, discovery is a key and critical component.

Moreover, being able to identify unexpected configuration drift is also key to network security.

  • Was a vulnerable feature suddenly enabled on the routing platform?
  • Have devices suddenly been reloaded with unexpected software versions?

Without a continuous discovery process and the ability to audit and collaborate over the results, network and security teams are blind to these sorts of changes that might be indicators of compromise.

Join Infoblox and Empowered Networks for this lively discussion on, "Network Discovery and Inventory: Applying Defense in Depth” where we’ll demonstrate:

  • How to discover and profile all of the devices on the network
  • How to establish and validate internal configuration standards
  • How to create an unimpeachable source for multiple teams to collaborate on network configuration security

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