Deal With Data Breaches Before They Happen

Organizations ranging from retail to education to finance to healthcare to government are struggling to prevent data breaches that put money, proprietary data, privacy, medical information, and more at risk.This is far too serious a threat to deal with after the fact. Every CISO needs a strategy and a plan to intercept and defeat data breaches before the damage is done. 

Register for our 30-minute webinar on November 30 at 10am PST, and we’ll share insights into real data breaches that have happened recently and explain technical options for avoiding similar attacks. Then we’ll lay out a three-step plan for you to:

  • Gain complete visibility of all assets
  • Plug all know security gaps—including DNS
  • Integrate with your ecosystem for defense in depth

Join us for “Data Breaches: Prevention or Post-attack Panic” and learn how you can take control in the battle against data theft.

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