DATE: Tuesday, March 30, 2021

TIME: 10am SGT | 1pm AEDT | 7:30am IST

Load balancing Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) can accelerate application configuration, deployment and deletion, streamlining operational processes and saving time and cost. However, not all APIs are created equally. Infoblox’s robust DTC APIs speed object search, retrieval and editing, create servers, pools and Load Balanced Domain Names (LBDNs), perform complete configurations, globally change load balancing methods and much more.

If your workloads are increasing, but your resources are not, join Sr. Product Marketing Manager, Bob Rose, and Infoblox expert and Sr. Systems Engineer, Scott Friedman, as they share their insights and demonstrate how Infoblox DTC APIs can help you automate processes and use “one call to do it all” in this informative and timely webinar.

Attendees will learn:

  • How Infoblox’s DNS-based GSLB automation keeps apps visible, available & performing at lower cost
  • What differentiates Infoblox’s DTC API from other APIs available today
  • The time difference between configuring DTC via the Web GUI verses the API
  • How to use API calls to gather inputs & automate processes
  • Links to time-saving use cases that can save

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