Do you know if your DNS are under attack?

Find out before it's too late!

DNS DDoS attacks are constantly on the rise as attackers seek weakest links in your infrastructure to cause damage resulting in downtime—downtime that can be costly and can result in customer defection and brand damage.

Infoblox Advanced DNS Protection defends against the widest range of DNS-based attacks such as floods, exploits, DNS hijacking etc. It intelligently detects and drops the attacks while responding only to legitimate queries. Moreover, Advanced DNS Protection uses Infoblox Threat Adapt™ technology to automatically update its defense against new and evolving threats—without the need for patching.

Try Advanced DNS Protection free for 60 days to proactively see if you are under an attack—before it causes downtime. This proof-of-concept (POC) version:

  • Shows DNS attacks and provides detailed logging and reports on attack types and patterns
  • Is quick and easy to deploy in any environment, and is non-disruptive
  • Will not drop the attacks, so you can review them before taking action (The full-fledged product will drop attacks.)

There are two easy ways to try the product::

  • Option 1: Monitor Mode—Replace your external Internet facing DNS server with Advanced DNS Protection in monitor mode to detect attacks (will not block any traffic).
  • Option 2: Port Mirroring Mode—Deploy the solution by attaching it to the span port of an incumbent DNS server to analyze real-time traffic without being in line.

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