DATE: Wednesday, August 19th, 2020

TIME: 10am BST | 11am CEST | 2:30pm IST

Webinar featuring latest research from Forrester and a survey of over 200 elite security experts

With the ever-present threat of Cyberattackers, it is essential to ensure that network infrastructure, users, and customer data be secured, no matter where that data is stored. Domain name systems (DNS) as a foundational network service is critical for connectivity, but cannot be overlooked as a first-level security control, especially in times of crisis and change, like the recent influx of home/remote workers. 

Infoblox commissioned Forrester Consulting to survey enterprise Security and Response (S&R) professionals and the results reveal that they most often use DNS to detect and block threats early in the kill chain, identify compromised devices, and accelerate incident investigation and response times by making it more efficient.

This webinar will reveal the top findings from forward-looking enterprises that underscore the role of DNS in cybersecurity practices including: 

  • The use of DNS as a starting point for threat investigations
  • The use of DNS security to catch modern threats
  • The use of DNS security to protect from cyberattacker techniques that other security tools miss
  • The use of DNS in automating and accelerating incident response.

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