DATE: Thursday, September 3rd, 2020

TIME: 10am BST | 11am CEST | 2:30pm IST

Learn more from our updated 2020 threat actor activity.

We'll share recent research on the emergence of Qakbot InfoStealer, the Return of Emotet, Vidar InfoStealer, and much more. Ransomware as a service continues to grow. The successful monetization of ransomware continue to drive an increase in overall ransomware attacks.

What tactics are threat actors using to be successful, and what can you do differently and better to defend against them?

Our QUARTERLY THREAT INTELLIGENCE UPDATE webinar will review the latest threats and research and share more on the global ransomware assault.

Key takeaways:

  • New and recently emerged malware variants and trends
  • How these differ from other variants we have seen in the past
  • What defensive tactics work, and what has failed in the past
  • What the state of ransomware looks like

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