There's Something Missing from Your Defensive Lineup

Cybersecurity is a team sport. No one player can win the game solo. Unfortunately, existing “players” often leave gaps in your defenses. One of the most serious of these is DNS. It's used by more than 90% of malware to communicate with menacing C&C servers, steal data, or hold it hostage through ransomware—malicious activities that go undetected by traditional technology players.

Learn How to Close the Gap in Your DNS security
Infoblox ActiveTrust® Cloud turns DNS from a security gap into your MVP of defense. During this live webinar Altug Yavas will discuss specific new features of the recent release and how ActiveTrust Cloud allows you to:

  • Automatically block DNS-based data exfiltration and stop the spread of malware.
  • Enhance visibility and prioritize issues fast, by accessing rich network data in context.
  • Achieve rapid results with a service which deploys easily and scales quickly without dedicated IT resources.

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*Please note: webinar content will be delivered in Turkish.

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