Make DNS for your first line of defense

Over the relatively short life of the Internet, many sophisticated technologies, such as the Domain Name System (DNS), have evolved to make the convenience that we’ve come to expect from the Internet possible. As one of the oldest and most relied-upon protocols of the modern Internet, DNS is the cornerstone for almost all other services and protocols.

Unfortunately, its centralized role in Internet connectivity also makes DNS an appealing target for a growing range of malicious and costly cyberattacks. In an increasingly connected world, knowledge of DNS security is increasingly essential.

This dummies book is written in the same easy-access style used in all For Dummies titles. Read it and learn valuable DNS basics, including:

  • What DNS is, where it came from and how it works
  • The primary DNS threats you face, including DDoS, cache poisoning and malware, and how they work
  • How to use DNS extensions, Response Policy Zones (RPZs), and other practical solutions to limit or prevent DNS attacks
  • Ten easy-to-scan techniques for improving DNS security you can implement right away

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