Download this data security and ransomware report and learn about the types of data in danger, the cause and effect of attacks and four ways to prevent ransomware attacks or other cyberattacks from threatening your sensitive data.

The results are in on the global 2017 SANS Data Protection Survey. The report identifies ransomware as the top threat of the year to sensitive data. It also identifies the types of sensitive data that attackers want most. Finally, it sheds light on cybersecurity pain points and risk factors associated with these threats.

Download this exclusive 2017 report to learn about:

  • Top Threats to Sensitive Data
  • The Industries Most-Commonly Targeted by Ransomware & Cyberattacks
  • The Most Common Types of Data Compromised by Security Breaches
  • Most Effective Technologies Used for Ransomware & Malware Protection
  • Underlying Causes for Security Breaches and Data Exfiltration
  • Data Involved in Breaches over the past 12 months

Ransomware is the Number One Cyber Threat to Businesses

Threats and concerns over data risks were common across a wide variety of industries represented in this cybersecurity report.

Respondents’ leading concern for multiple events remains insider threat, followed by ransomware. This makes sense, as ransomware usually requires the action of a user to install itself; and denial of service is a byproduct of ransomware.

Top Threats to Sensitive Data

While fewer than 50% of respondents report experiencing these threat types in their enterprises, they are experiencing multiple types of threats occurring multiple times. Overall, 78% have seen two or more different types of threats over the past 12 months,and 68% report having encountered some of the same threat types multiple times.

Read the survey results. Learn about the types of data in danger, the cause and effect of attacks, and four ways to protect your data. Download the results now.

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