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The Domain Name System (DNS) is one of the longest-serving, mission-critical technologies of the modern Internet. It delivers the accessibility and connectivity we all take for granted, while acting as a cornerstone for all online activity.

This is precisely why DNS has become a significant attack vector used by bad actors. Did you know 91% of malware uses DNS to carry out campaigns?*. Coupled with the proliferation of devices and a disappearing perimeter, malware is as likely to originate from inside the firewall as outside it. And data can just hitch a ride out of your network via DNS.

In the Internet of Things, staying on top of DNS security is critical. This Infoblox e-book is designed to help, and covers a variety of DNS fundamentals, including:

  • What is DNS & how it works
  • Threats related to DNS incl. DDoS, malware & data exfiltration
  • DNS Security Solutions
  • Ten keys to improving DNS security you can implement right away

About This Infoblox eBook

In this brief volume, we offer a primer of many of the common terms you’ll run into, high-level descriptions of the threats you face, and practical solutions that you can implement right away. Like all titles in the For Dummies series, this book features easy-access organization. At the beginning of each chapter, you’ll find a summary of the topics covered, which makes it easy to flip through and find just the information you’re looking for. Don’t miss the final chapter featuring ten easy-to-scan techniques for improving your DNS security.

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* Cisco 2016 Security Report

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