As a service provider, launching value-added services that build subscriber loyalty, increase revenue, and reduce churn is a top priority. The catch? Traditionally delivering such services often requires deep packet inspection tools or proxies that sit inline can be extremely costly to scale and have limited visibility.

Enabling Value-Added Services with a DNS-based Approach
Attend this free webinar and discover how you can enhance service differentiation and increase revenue streams using a cost-effective, DNS-based approach from Infoblox. Join us and learn how to:

  • Harness DNS data at the individual device level to easily launch value-added subscriber services such as parental control, message insertion, and malware notification
  • Strengthen your brand with the ability to provide highly personalized, family-friendly services and greater network security
  • Grow revenues with the agility and visibility to offer competitively differentiated, segmented offers
  • Reduce costs with more efficient deployments and a flexible pay-as-you-grow model
  • Boost performance while improving overall QoE

See how a DNS-based approach can help you deliver world-class subscriber services. Grab your spot now!

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