Migrate VitalQIP Before It Becomes a Problem

Now is the best time to replace VitalQIP or other legacy DDI solutions, before it becomes not just an inconvenience, but a serious obstacle to network security, availability, and performance.

Replace VitalQIP with Infoblox Enterprise-grade DDI solution to get the modern functionality your network demands.

Raise Your Game with Infoblox, the VitalQIP Migration Leader

  • Trusted. More than 7,000 DDI organizations rely on Infoblox, including 83 of the Fortune 100
  • Integrated and Secure. Continuously evolves and adheres to the highest security standards
  • Cost effective.Reduce CapEx with subscription pricing and cut first-year outlays by as much as 40% through the Infoblox Core Bundle Promotion.
  • Future proof.Continuous evolution keeps pace with changing network demands.
  • Unmatched expertise. • Infoblox successfully implemented hundreds of legacy DDI migrations.
  • Low risk. Ensure service continuity with comprehensive migration plans and defined rollback processes.

Download the VitalQIP Replacement Case Study

Read the story of a current Infoblox customer and its migration journey from VitalQiP to Infoblox's Core DDI solution. You'll learn the six steps they took to successfully execute this replacement to improve its enterprise network. You'll also learn how the customer benefitted from raising its game with Infoblox.

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