Today's broadband and mobile network subscribers are increasingly looking to their communications service provider (CSP) for protection from online threats and an overall better Internet experience. There is no shortage of use cases. Consumers want safe internet, and parents want to protect their children from harmful content and individuals online. Subscribers of all kinds want relief from unwanted and potentially malicious online advertisements. Enterprises need content filtering and cost-effective IoT security on a massive scale. Public safety organizations need cost-effective and scalable protection for first-responder devices.

The problem? Many solutions have been built using costly legacy approaches such as deep packet inspection tools and proxies that slow down the user experience. Or worse, subscribers have been forced to download and manage software that runs on individual devices -- adding complexity while not improving the overall experience.

But there's a solution. Infoblox Subscriber Services enables CSPs to leverage core DNS infrastructure to configure and quickly deploy powerful, cost-effective and low-touch value-added services to large subscriber bases targeted for specific sectors. For details on some of the use cases you can solve, download Emerging Business Opportunities for Communications Service Providers where you can:

  • Explore the full range of use cases that CSPs can emulate to leverage in-place DNS infrastructure to roll out new easy attach, revenue-generating services.
  • How Infoblox Subscriber Services is a better fit for CSPs
  • How you can offer converged services to your fixed and mobile subscribers through the same cost-effective platform
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