An effective SIEM demands a management strategy focused on specific outcomes. Many organizations find that their SIEMs flood them with an overwhelming volume of unsorted data, tie up analysts by making them respond to the same alerts over and over, deliver alerts without the context needed to identify malicious behavior, and waste time on false alarms from low-quality threat feeds.

Our eBook Four Steps to Supercharge Your SIEM is full of tips that will help your security team:

  • Pay attention to the data that matters
  • Free up threat analysts for high-value tasks
  • Associate inbound and outbound activity with malicious locations for rapid response
  • Use high-quality, vetted data (eg. from Infoblox ActiveTrust) to focus on observed and verified threats
Request your complimentary copy of Four Steps to Supercharge Your SIEM today, and find out how you can reduce noise, automate repetitive tasks, interpret warnings, enhance the quality of your threat data—and fine-tune your SIEM.

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