Protecting subscribers and the network is fundamental to service provider success. Your subscribers expect network communications to be fast, always available, and highly secure. They won't hesitate to switch providers if they experience disappointing performance or learn of a security breach.

All service providers—whether mobile, broadband, cable, or cloud—understand that security breaches can degrade the network, increase costs, and cause subscriber dissatisfaction and churn. Compromised DNS resources have a direct economic impact on you and your subscribers. You can't arm yourself against today's rapidly increasing threats unless you understand how they work. We've developed this concise but content-rich eBook to get you up to speed on what's out there, and tell you what you can do about it. You'll read about:

  • Why legacy security methods are not enough
  • How vulnerabilities in your DNS infrastructure can seriously damage your business
  • Ten truly frightening—but all too real—techniques hackers are using today to disrupt network infrastructures and steal data
Request your complimentary copy today, and prepare your network to survive determined assault.

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