Network teams don’t always have complete visibility into all layer-2 / layer-3 and end-host device data connected to their network. Can you positively say you know what is on your network?

While many IP address management systems provide access to what is known in the IPAM database most fall short with such a myopic approach. These systems do not expose network administrators to the devices and networks that are on their network but not within the IPAM database.

Infoblox Network Insight takes IP address management to a new level by providing an intelligent discovery engine that integrates its findings into the IPAM database. Devices and networks discovered but not found in the IPAM database are flagged as “unmanaged”. Integrated workflows allow network administrators to take action on those items bringing them into the fold or isolating them until remediation can determine what actions need to be taken. Network Insight can expose rogue devices and identify networks defined on routers and switches that need to be either tracked in IPAM or de-provisioned.

See for yourself, Infoblox Network Insight is easily set up and can be configured in a variety of ways to ensure discovery is run efficiently – the results will be enlightening.

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