Many organizations today are deploying workloads in Amazon Web Services EC2 for increased agility and elasticity—but governance of these deployments remains challenging.

Network teams struggle to implement consistent network infrastructures across AWS architecture, and they often lack basic visibility into public cloud workloads—which can hinder agility as they try to implement consistent policies for mission-critical functions such as DNS.

Infoblox has met this challenge by extending our enterprise-grade DNS and IP address management solution to Amazon Web Services EC2—and we're offering you a free trial. See for yourself how Infoblox DDI for AWS, fully integrated with our industry-leading Infoblox Grid™ technology, can enable you to:

  • Maintain a consistent DNS and network/IP address provisioning policy across your enterprise within a single, unified platform
  • Improve visibility and discovery for more comprehensive management and easier auditing and compliance reporting
  • Radically accelerate AWS provisioning by automating DNS and IP address provisioning
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