ThreatTalk Episode 1

Using DNS as a Foundational Architecture for Scalable Malware Mitigation

Because of its unique position inside networks, the Domain Name System (DNS) enables security teams to detect malware sooner and stop it faster than traditional security measures can.In this episode of ThreatTalk, we explore the characteristics of DNS that make it the ideal foundational security architecture for automated and scalable malware defense.

Join us and learn how security solutions the leverage DNS enable you to:

  • Centralize visibility into malicious activity across your network
  • Gain a ubiquitous control point for malware detection and remediation
  • Secure existing networks and digital transformations like SD-WAN, IoT and hybrid cloud
  • Automate threat response at Internet scale
  • Enhance the ROI of your existing security solutions and reduce your total cost for threat defense

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