Infoblox BloxOne™ DDI is the industry’s first cloud-managed DDI solution and the first to deliver core network services across a large population of remote networks. By coupling best-in-class DDI services with centralized cloud-based management, BloxOne DDI lets an organization:

  • Rapidly deploy network services to remote networks
  • Ensure network configuration and policy consistency
  • Maximize the efficiency of administration and management resources
  • Leverage the advantages of SD-WAN technologies and SaaS-based applications

Watch this special presentation which includes a demo of BloxOne DDI and Q&A. We will explore the capabilities and benefits of BloxOne DDI, and you will learn:

  • How BloxOne DDI works and whether it's the right fit for your organization
  • How to transform your existing DDI deployment—with or without BloxOne DDI
  • The details on Infoblox branch transformation incentive programs

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