Network infrastructure management is changing. Companies are adopting SaaS/Office 365, public, hybrid and multi-cloud, SD-WAN and IoT technologies. Now, more than ever, visibility, discovery, automation and control are essential. Yet many Microsoft and network professionals face siloed data, visibility issues, IP conflicts, DHCP and network outages, manual data, spreadsheets and disparate systems on-premises and in the hybrid-cloud.

Authoritative IP address management (IPAM), discovery, automation and ecosystem integration can answer these challenges, enhance the value of the existing Microsoft DNS/DHCP infrastructure and provide the tools needed for superior network visibility and control.Why ransomware attacks are escalating and the risks they pose

Join Infoblox expert Principal Systems Engineer Fred Reitberger and Sr. Product Marketing Manager Bob Rose for this dynamic and informative webinar.

Viewers will learn how to:

  • Gain visibility & avoid IP address conflicts across infrastructure, Microsoft & hybrid cloud environments
  • Automatically discover network assets & manage troubleshooting, component syncing & provisioning
  • Realize time & process savings through cross-team collaboration & automation
  • Engage ecosystem integrations with leading security vendors for deep threat intel & remediation
  • Access near-real-time & historical data, support audits, see key metrics & forecast IPAM resource needs

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