Reinforce the Network Core with Curated Threat Intelligence

Traditional defenses such as next generation firewalls and IPSs don’t protect your network from DNS based malware communication with command-and-control servers. DNS is an ideal control plane to identify and intercept malware communications and data exfiltration. And the best DNS-based protection relies on broad, accurate and up-to-date threat intelligence.

Watch Infoblox Global Security Marketing Consultant Sam Kumarsamy for “Threat Intelligence is Vital to Data Protection and Malware Mitigation,” a one-hour ISACA-hosted webinar that will tell you how threat intelligence can help you:

  • Disrupt the cyber kill chain and prevent malware proliferation
  • Prevent DNS-based known and zero-day data exfiltration
  • Gain deep end-to-end visibility into your network to hasten remediation
  • Centralize reporting that can be leveraged for further analysis and planning

We will also discuss how Infoblox can help you apply these best practices to your infrastructure/network.

Watch today and learn how to eliminate the DNS blind spot.

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