Get Up to Speed on the New DNS Security Standards

Securing your DNS infrastructure has never been more critical: Today, more than half of all ransomware and data theft attacks, and over 90% of malware incidents, originate through the DNS vector. But now there's a solution: DoT and DoH.

It is no secret that the original DNS design did not take security into account. In particular, the "last mile" problem has been an alarming security flaw in DNS for many years. With the emergence of DNS over TLS (DoT) and DNS over HTTPS (DoH) in recent years, however, we finally have a solution.

Watch this virtual event for a timely discussion on the latest DNS security standards, hosted by Infoblox's Chief DNS Architect Cricket Liu. He'll be leading a Q&A with Dave Shackleford from the SANS Institute and Ben April, Chief Technology Officer, from Farsight Security. During this session, you'll have a chance to develop an in-depth understanding of DoT and DoH and answers to your questions such as:

  • How does DoH protect per-hop communication between server and client?
  • What are the differences between DoT strict mode and opportunistic mode?
  • Are DoH and DoT replacements for DNSSEC? Or complementary to it?
  • What are the implementation steps necessary for rolling out DoT and DoH?

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