By now we know COVID-19 has forced organizations to Work From Home (WFH), essentially bypassing sophisticated security stacks designed for corporate locations. In the short term, distributed enterprises have fortified remote security measures to help compensate for these at-home vulnerabilities. However, the pandemic has also revealed troubling gaps in network security that have broader implications for expanding hybrid and multi-cloud networks, especially at the edge.

In this lively conversation, renowned DNS expert Cricket Liu moderates a panel with industry experts from Infoblox, Tenable and Fortinet as they challenge us to examine “the new normal” for network security. Not only do they outline best practices for securing remote workers as they become increasingly vulnerable to cyber attackers, they frame what long-term foundational security measures every network must consider to best ensure WFH employees can continue to be protected in any new environment.

You'll learn:

  • Which new attacks are most potent against remote workers
  • Best practices for developing a WFH security strategy
  • Key new architectures and long-term planning requirements
  • A blueprint for future foundational security enhancements
  • Case study of large-scale WFH security deployments

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