DNS over TLS (DoT) and DNS over HTTPS (DoH) are becoming more newsworthy as some leading browsers and device manufacturers are now enabling these new protocols by default. Communications between DNS clients and servers rarely are encrypted, leaving users vulnerable to spoofing, interception, and other attack types. DoT and DoH will solve those issues, but there’s a catch. When enabled, encrypted DNS requests can inadvertently circumvent existing internal DNS servers and instead go to external and potentially unauthorized DNS resolvers, leading to loss of visibility into DNS traffic and bypassing any established DNS security controls to detect and block attacks.

Join Cricket, Krupa and David for our “Coffee Chat with Cricket” to discuss the pros and cons of DoT/DoH, some of the latest industry adoption developments, and the benefits of using internal DNS solutions that not only support DoT/DoH, but leverage threat intelligence and analytics to detect and block threats DNS layer. Now you can get privacy without compromising on security. 

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