It’s not earthshattering news that technologies and practices for security incident response in cloud environments haven’t yet fully matured. Most organizations are still navigating the digital transformation journey, and find they have to adjust their IR strategies on the fly. And that’s where the new SANS Survey provides its greatest value: in helping organizations to map a way forward for more effective IR in the cloud.  

  • People, Skills & Knowledge—respondents agree that more staff, and better trained staff, is their most pressing need.
  • Automated Capabilities—security decision makers are prioritizing the implementation of automated capabilities like endpoint detection and response (EDR), cloud audit log analysis, and endpoint network filtering.
  • Automated Processes—especially for the remediation stage of IR, including the ability to isolate infected virtual machines and blocking suspect IPs, respondents are hoping to see progress toward more automation of manual processes. 

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The 2020 SANS Enterprise Cloud Incident Response Survey, sponsored by Infoblox, will provide the actionable insights you need to take the next steps toward implementing more effective cloud IR. Packed with insights on how enterprise IR experts are shaping their own strategies, it’s an indispensable guide for anyone working in the cloud security field. 

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