The COVID-19 pandemic is rearranging cybersecurity priorities for IT professionals worldwide. Why?  Because changes in how employees work (connecting remote vs connecting from within the corporate network), changing tactics used by bad actors and advancements in cloud and device technologies are creating new vulnerabilities that cybersecurity professionals will need to face in the months ahead. New from the SANS Institute and Infoblox, the SANS Top New Attacks and Threat Report details the five most critical cybersecurity challenges we face today: 
  • The proliferation of command and control toolkits and frameworks.
  • Living off the land attacks.
  • Very deep persistence.
  • Rising risks when users lose physical control of their mobile devices.
  • Vulnerabilities in perimeter security controls.
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The SANS Top New Attacks and Threat Report from Infoblox is essential reading for cybersecurity professionals in every sector. It’s packed with actionable advice on best practices and technologies critical for improving security and keeping your users and infrastructure safe from emerging attack methodologies. 

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