With the work from anywhere movement spiking demand for more effective security, CISOs and other IT decision makers are seeking best practice guidance. Ray Wang and Liz Miller from Constellation Research provide exactly that in this new report sponsored by Infoblox. They set forth a framework for developing a DNS game plan to benefit overall security efforts, based on five key questions: 

  1. How far beyond standard DNS can the solution advance, and is the system easy to deploy and manage with automated maintenance tasks and alerts?
  2. Does the solution provide visibility and analytics to provide security analysts with key threat timelines and device details?
  3. What levels of automation, productivity tools and enhancements are included? 
  4. How complete is the control provided by the solution—is it cloud-ready or cloud-only? 
  5. How comprehensive is the solution’s ecosystem—Does it simply report events, or can it integrate across other vendor tools to uplift the overall security stack?

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DNS: The First Principle of Enterprise Security, is essential reading for IT decision makers coping with workforces that are widely dispersed, and highly susceptible to sophisticated cyber attacks. Learn why centering your cyber defenses on core DNS functionality is the fastest route to strengthening your security posture. 

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