Create New Sources of Revenue on Top of Transit

Even as Communication Service Providers (CSPs) globally move to embrace the distributed cloud future and roll out 5G services, the demand for better security grows. The new white paper from Infoblox, Enhancing Subscriber Services through DNS, provides clear guidance on how CSPs can use core network DNS services to develop and roll out value added network security offerings that will differentiate you in the marketplace and boost average revenue per user (ARPU):
  • Content filtering that protects the household from web threats like malware and phishing.
  • Customizable enterprise solutions that provide clear visibility into content violations and emerging threats.
  • Protections for IoT networks that provide detection and prevention of malware and botnet attacks.
Enhancing Subscriber Services through DNS details how new security approaches based on DNS deliver fundamental advantages over existing deep packet inspection (DPI) that can’t scale for 5G networks. Read it today to gain strategic insights into how advanced DNS will enable CSPs to strengthen business models as the communications space becomes increasingly competitive.  

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