Work-from-home mandates have dramatically increased exposure to cyberthreats for government agencies. This more perilous threat environment was the main finding of a recent survey of government cybersecurity decision makers by the CyberRisk Alliance. Helpfully, the report containing these findings also provides authoritative cybersecurity guidelines and best practices for securing digital infrastructure and protecting remote workers:

  • Use advanced DNS protection to defend against the widest range of DNS-based attacks.
  • Use a DNS firewall that automates malware protection.
  • Detect and prevent data exfiltration by utilizing DNS-based analytics.
  • Use a centralized, cloud-managed, provisioning, management and control solution, designed with the modern borderless enterprise in mind.

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The COVID-19 pandemic has drastically re-ordered cybersecurity priorities globally, nowhere more so than the public sector. This comprehensive survey report from the CyberRisk Alliance—courtesy of Infoblox—has detailed findings on the exact nature of today’s threat landscape, and provides actionable advice on how cybersecurity professionals can counteract emerging threats.

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