Today's corporate environment is under constant attack from Advanced Persistent threats. Many of the attacks and hacks these days are using DNS queries to 'phone home' and exfiltrate information. In order to protect IT infrastructure from ever changing attacks and hacks, organizations need to remove DNS queries as an avenue for Malware to communication and exfiltrate information.

But how can an organization take away DNS queries from Malware and other attacks?

Infoblox DNS Firewall blocks DNS queries from enabling hacks and attacks in your organization:

  • Continually updated with information on bad domains and IP addresses to short circuit Fast flux changes of domains and IP addresses
  • Integration with DNS Server, DHCP and IP Address management enables pinpointing of Malware-infected devices for remediation
Read the whitepaper, How a DNS Firewall Helps in the Battle against Advanced Persistent Threat and Similar Malware, to learn how advanced persistent threats (APT) operate and how you can use DNS Firewall to block their processes and systematically remediate infected devices.

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