Improving Your Users' Experience with Advanced GSLB Techniques

By year-end 2016, Internet traffic reached 1,000 Exabytes, growing threefold by 2020. There is an explosion in the number of devices being used to access services and data that reside inside the enterprise and outside it. To keep pace with increasing customer expectations and maintain employee productivity goals, load-balancing traffic will be critical and presents challenges for any IT Team. To serve both global customers and employees, businesses deploy applications on multiple servers in data centers (sites) worldwide. To ensure that user experience meets performance and availability goals, regardless of the location of the user, IT teams use multiple DNS servers to serve these applications. User traffic is load-balanced across sites and servers using global server load balancers (GSLBs) in conjunction with DNS servers. While common in the marketplace, standalone GSLB solutions create interdependencies; both servers have to be purchased, manually configured, and kept in sync, creating vulnerability around configuration errors, increasing management costs, and potentially causing costly downtime.

Infoblox DNS Traffic Control (DTC) integrates GSLB functionality with core DDI network services. Highly automated, it provides the performance, scalability, and availability that organizations require. Configuring load balanced domain names is simplified with Infoblox’s unified management portal.

Learn more about how to improve application response times for both the intranet and the internet while simplifying management.

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