The new quarterly publication from Infoblox delivers a broad picture of the state of global cybersecurity overall, and in-depth reporting on the most recent attacks and campaigns targeting industry and public organizations. The publication’s detailed threat report summaries drill down into tactical, strategic and technological methods to provide readers with the knowledge they need to secure their IT infrastructure from emerging threats. The inaugural issue includes reporting on incidents including:

  • The Valak InfoStealer / IcedID Banking Trojan—sophisticated modular malware that acts as both a malware loader and an infostealer.
  • The Return of Emotet—a malspam campaign delivering the Emotet banking trojan that steals stored passwords, sensitive banking data and browser histories from victims’ computers.
  • The Vidar InfoStealer—a malspam email campaign and variant of the Arkei infostealer that can steal credit card data, usernames, passwords and files, as well as take screenshots of a user’s desktop.

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The Infoblox Q3 2020 Cyberthreat Intelligence Report,
The new quarterly report from Infoblox is essential reading for IT decision-makers working to secure their networking infrastructure and resources from cyberthreats. Download your copy to get up-to-date information on the most recent—and in-progress—threats confronting the IT security community. 

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