Over the next several years, communications service providers (CSPs) face the challenge of deploying massive numbers of new radio sites and concentrating their mobile, fixed broadband and backhaul networks to handle enormous traffic growth. The Domain Name System (DNS) already plays a critical role in many CSP networks for scalable, secure resource allocation and agile control of virtualized services. But since 5G is founded on cloud-native computing principles with a fully automated lifecycle, how will the massive traffic increases spurred by 5G impact the foundational network functions of DNS? And what about other fundamental protocols such as IP Address Management and DHCP?

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  • Next-generation 5G services will demand new DNS capabilities–expanding its role from merely facilitating data access into real-time networking.
  • Six critical new DNS requirements for 5G, including ultra-low latency, the ability to scale by orders of magnitude, the ability to provide edge security, network-wide awareness and more.
  • How distinctive Infoblox capabilities allow CSPs to provide the scale, performance and security to capture the full benefits of 5G.

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