How can your enterprise optimize success and overall delivery of value? How can the COBIT 2019 framework support these goals?

The COBIT 2019 framework gives you a blueprint that makes it easier and quicker for managers to gain alignment on IT governance and management issues and more rapidly realize the benefits of doing so.  COBIT 2019 does so by helping you build governance strategies that are highly flexible, adaptable, collaborative, and highly relevant in addressing new and changing information technology. 

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  • Why ISACA COBIT 2019 framework has become an invaluable resource for business technology professionals and management across the enterprise. 
  • A high-level overview of the COBIT 2019 framework.
  • The benefits of ISACA COBIT 2019 for both commercial and government information technology management and governance.
  • Why COBIT 2019 is one of the most widely deployed frameworks worldwide. 

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