Making and Keeping Work-at-Home Operations Safe and Productive
Born in crisis, the remote workforce revolution also presents an opportunity to increase the strength of user authentication, the rigor of privilege management, the focus on application security, and the frequency of software updates and critical backups. How so? This new SANS White Paper sets out a five-step pattern that cybersecurity professionals can begin putting in place right away: 

  • Get remote workers up and running quickly with remote desktop, video conferencing & content sharing services.
  • Make users aware of secure use guidelines and what not to do.
  • Implement mandatory security guidelines, enhance endpoint visibility and monitoring.
  • Implement 2FA for collaboration services, widely implement phishing tests.
  • Consistently deliver visibility, monitoring, mitigation and restoration services.

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Making and Keeping Work-at-Home Operations Safe and Productive, the new white paper from SANS, courtesy of Infoblox, is essential reading for IT decision-makers in every sector. It’s packed with insights on best practices and technologies critical for empowering remote teams, and keeping your business not just running but thriving through the prolonged shut down. 

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