The COVID-19 pandemic is completely rearranging priorities for IT professionals worldwide. Rather than empowering and securing workers at headquarters and branch offices, job #1 now is implementing best practices for optimizing remote workers. The SANS Remote Workers Poll finds that the 5 keys to managing a successful remote workforce are:

  1. Device Policy: Orgs that provide laptops for at-home use fare better
  2. Connectivity: VPN eases the transition to working remotely
  3. Data Security: approaches vary, but data security is essential
  4. Authentication: more orgs are adopting 2-factor and multifactor over conventional / login password approaches.
  5. Collaboration Resources: email, team chat (Zoom, Google Meet), and cloud storage / workflow tools keep teams productive 

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The SANS Remote Workers Poll from Infoblox is essential reading for IT decision-makers in every sector. It’s packed with insights on best practices and technologies critical for empowering remote teams, and keeping your business not just running but thriving through the prolonged shut down.

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