Today’s SD-WAN deployments must accommodate a broad range of networking and security goals. They need to smartly handle critical business applications, provide local and remote access to cloud services and enable web browsing and visitor traffic from headquarters to the network edge.

The problem is, as traffic increasingly flows across public, hybrid, SD-WAN and mixed IaaS, PaaS and SaaS infrastructure, the expanding threat surface requires even greater security.

The latest report from the Tolly Group provides security best practices, considerations and options specific to SD-WAN deployments. This practical, strategic guide helps you identify areas of security risk and the steps needed to mitigate those risks. Read it and get leading recommendations for:

  • Branch office SD-WAN security
  • Tapping the foundational security of DNS and other core network services
  • Establishing a default security posture for your SD-WAN implementation
  • Access control, management plane and data plane security
  • Perimeter security

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