Get Familiar with the Threats That Surround You

According to a 2016 Cisco study, 90 percent of today’s malware attacks are DNS based. Recent victims include large and supposedly well-protected organizations such as Malaysia Airlines, UPS, The Register, The Daily Telegraph, and National Geographic, with attackers making unauthorized changes to DNS records and redirecting visitors to third-party sites.

Monitoring network behavior has to be a key part of any effective security strategy, and knowing how to acquire and utilize threat intelligence is essential to protecting your organization.

To help you understand the issues better, we’ve developed our white paper Surveying the DNS Threat Landscape. In it you will find useful information such as:

  • Reasons why DNS is such a popular target
  • Currently popular categories of DNS-based attacks
  • Detailed analytics on methods, motivations, and impact of cybercrime

Authored by Rod Rasmussen, cybersecurity fellow at Infoblox, and Dr. Paul Vixie, chairman and CEO of Farsight Security, Surveying the DNS Threat Landscape can give you a start on aggregating widely sourced threat data for Actionable Network Intelligence that protects your customers, your business, and your brand.

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