How can your enterprise better share information about attacks and attackers, determine root causes, and select and apply the right defense mitigation methods?

Assembled by IT experts from across many industries, the CIS Critical Security Controls Framework is a set of defense-in-depth best practices based upon their experience in countering cyberattacks. Defense in depth involves using layers of multiple defensive controls, including physical, technical, and administrative, that help organizations protect against expected cyberattacks. Defense in depth also adds necessary layers for visibility and alerts, plus procedures for incident response. 

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  • Help your organization improvement of current threats and rapidly adapt to new ones.
  • Help defenders understand the origin and evolution of threats, adversary capabilities, and adversary attack vectors of choice.
  • Help better enable security teams to identify common problems of interest and solve them together as a community.
  • How BloxOne™ Threat Defense and Infoblox’s DNS, DHCP, and IP address management (DDI) services can help your CIS CSC Framework implementation better secure your critical infrastructure and protect your data. 
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