DNS is the “beating heart” of all IP networks. It’s what makes every interaction that takes place on the internet and across mobile broadband work.

To offer their subscribers ever richer and faster experiences—and reduce churn—Mobile Network Operators (MNOs) and communications services providers (CSPs) have invested heavily in virtualization and software-defined technologies.

However, the success of network virtualization depends directly on the speed and availability of DNS. Unfortunately, for most service providers, their dated DNS platforms are falling behind—and putting subscriber satisfaction and revenues at risk.

That’s where virtualized DNS comes in. It is a true game changer for service providers looking to maximize opportunities in 5G, IoT and beyond. For complete details, download Virtual Domain Name System (DNS) Secures the Heart of Service Provider Networks. Get your free copy, updated for 2019, and learn:

  • How virtualized DNS empowers services providers to realize the full benefits of network functions virtualization (NFV) while achieving 5G-ready performance
  • Key use cases, including secure software-based DNS for radio access network (RAN) and core NFV infrastructure
  • New value-added service opportunities made possible from virtual DNS

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