A Comprehensive, In-Depth DNS Test of Your Current DNS Architecture and Infrastructure

Infoblox's Professional Services team offers comprehensive assessments of your current Domain Name System (DNS) architecture and infrastructure. This service helps you resolve any inefficiencies and security holes in your current domain name resolution system and ensures that your core network services infrastructure is capable of supporting current and future network services with high performance, security, and availability.

The Infoblox team, led by expert Cricket Liu, first takes a high-level inventory of DNS components, including the number and location of name servers, hardware, operating system, and name server software. From there, Infoblox professionals identify any existing single points of failure, bottlenecks, name resolution inefficiencies, and security exposures. They also check the status of software versions and patches. Verifying the physical security and horsepower of existing hardware also helps assess the ability of the existing infrastructure to scale and support new applications.

Through an examination of your existing processes for securing, upgrading, backing up, modifying, and monitoring your architecture Infoblox will provide detailed recommendations for bringing you into compliance with current DNS architecture best practices.

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