Infoblox has created a standard service offering that provides your IT staff with an assessment of your existing external DNS infrastructure. The DNS Health Check is the first step in the Audit/Analyze step of the DNS Management lifecycle.

This introductory DNS check is performed by Infoblox Certified Engineers, using industry best practices designed by DNS expert Cricket Liu. After a 4-hour, on-site visit, we deliver an audit report that characterizes the status of your external name servers, and compares your environment, compared with industry best practices. In addition to the DNS server check, the audit covers key DNS testing areas such as administration, monitoring, disaster recovery, and change control.

Through an examination of your existing processes for securing, upgrading, backing up, modifying, and monitoring your architecture Infoblox will provide detailed recommendations for bringing you into compliance with current DNS architecture best practices.

DNS Health Check Methodology

A certified DNS Health Check consultant works with you to gather detailed information on the existing DNS infrastructure. This generally occurs during the on-site visit and through interviews with key personnel within the company including DNS and security administrators. Some of the areas that we investigate include:

  • Single points of failure
  • Disaster recovery & resiliency
  • Firewall configuration
  • Platform configuration & security
  • Platform maintenance
  • Name server software configuration
  • Name server architecture
  • DNS change control process
Image-DNS Lifecycle Management-201905.png

After the interviews and data gathering, the Infoblox consultant prepares a report (2-3 pages) that provides recommendations based on audit findings. The report is delivered in electronic format and reviewed at an on-site, follow-up meeting.

DNS Health Check Scope of Work

The scope of the systems analyzed during the standard DNS Health Check is generally limited to the external name servers for a particular division or group within the company and generally encompasses 4 to 6 systems. Those with more extensive requirements can choose another service offering, the DNS Architecture Audit, which is a complete audit of all systems, comprising internal and external namespaces. Request a DNS Health Check today. Please complete the form to receive a quote from the Infoblox Professional Services team.

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